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Oct 16

Making Love in the Morning Able to Increase Memory

Making love in the morning proved to be a very important benefit. Intimacy with a partner in the morning triggers the development of the brain becomes more leverage. Launched from the pages Dailystar, sex is a moment that gives benefits to the physical and psychic. Moreover, making love in the morning, provide more meaningful benefits …

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Jul 02

9 Things About Lifestyle Affect Your Sex Life

Many things can affect the sexual drive. Some of the most common factors that can reduce sexual desire is busy taking care of children, lack of sleep or too long working hours. In fact not only that, the menstrual cycle, mindset even time can bring an effect on your sex life and partner. As quoted …

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Jun 28

How To Overcome Premenstrual Syndrome Disorders

For most women, the menstrual period is the most frightening times in a month. Various disorders such as mood up and down, cramping and bloating in the abdomen, pain in the breast, to make the body feel full confident women often lost. Studies show 85 percent of women experience symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). “How …

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Jun 25

Clear Your Mind And Relax Before You Doing Sexual Activity

Sexual intercourse is associated with the mind. That is why, if you want to enjoy a robust sex and exciting, we encourage you to relax. Particularly for women, relaxed mind greatly affect sexual satisfaction. Therefore, the brain is one of the erogenous zones for sexual. If the mind is complicated, generally women would refuse sexual …

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Apr 12

This is 5 Things You Thought By Women As Sex

In matters of sex, women are complex beings. It could be when intercourse is done, his mind flashed a variety of things. These thoughts can certainly hinder a woman to reach orgasm. Research shows that reaching a climax, women should stop thinking about things that make them scared and nervous. Based on a survey Mans …

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Apr 08

Sex Position Favorite For Men

There are many types of styles of sex that could be an option to overcome feels bored. Each pair even everyone has their own favorite style to make love. The annual survey conducted by Esquire showed no more than five sex positions that men like in America. Woman on top position or cowgirl is a …

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Mar 26

Want to Know the Meaning Behind the Voices Women At Making Love?

The voices issued during intercourse is often associated as a female partner satisfaction obtained during lovemaking. Really? Voice during an intimate session is a common way to describe the reaction to the stunning and dramatic sex. Scientists at the University of Leeds found that women were making loud noise during sex is just a way …

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Mar 23

Here’s 7 Things That Can Destructive Your Sperm Quality

Anything that can make sperm production decreases? As quoted from the Health, following seven things that can cause reduced sperm quality. 1. Temperature is Too Hot According to Hal Danzer, MD, a fertility specialist from Los Angeles, when the temperature rose to 98 degrees testes, sperm production can be halted and the impact can occur …

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Mar 21

Here are 10 Reasons Women Watch Porn Movie

Some time ago had preached, 17 senior staff at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was caught downloading porn movies in large numbers during office hours. Surprisingly, of the 17 people, there is one female staff involved. “This lady accountant tried to access online pornography from his office laptop, almost 1,800 times in two …

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Mar 19

Here’s 11 facts “Solo Sex” Masturbation What You Should To Know!

Make love not only satisfaction you can get from your partner. You can also “act” self-indulgent. Check out 11 facts about the solo sex. 1. The same sex with masturbation Solo. Solo sex is how to achieve the satisfaction of having sex without the presence of a partner. Many regard as deviant sexual behavior. In …

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