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Mar 01

Overcoming Sperm Allergies

All efforts have been tried, not just sexual intercourse on a regular basis in the fertile period. But also fertility through laboratory examination. The result? You still not getting pregnant. No need to worry, there are other measures that you need to consider to try, ie check your blood antibody titer. The goal is to …

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Feb 18

Getting to know Contraception More Close

One way that is easy to plan a pregnancy is to use contraception. Contraceptive comes in a variety of methods and effectiveness. Despite the different methods, but this tool has the same goal, namely to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Condom Condom comes from the Latin condus which means the reservoir. Condoms are a type of bag …

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Feb 15

Understand Couple In Sexual Relationships

In essence, sexual intercourse should not be done for long. If the female partner has been getting orgasms, then that is a sign for him to finish the game. Here, there are important things to consider before having sexual intercourse. Get started Try to do the proper preparation. Do not forget the drinks and cleaning …

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Feb 12

Cybersex Alternatives to Sexual Activity

Cybersex is one alternative and sometimes also become a real substitute for sexual activity. This phenomenon invites the emergence of a new moral problems of innovation or variation of this sex. Then arises the question, whether cybersex is allowed and included a betrayal, especially for someone who already has a partner. Many of the men …

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Feb 08

Women Often Fantasize Sex When Fertile Period

It turns out that Both men and women generally never committed sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasy is sometimes necessary to excite the libido or sexual intercourse. But did you know that women would perform sexual fantasies, especially during the fertile period? Yes, a recent study showed that women who are in the fertile period is usually …

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Feb 03

Get To Know 10 Cause of Difficult Pregnant

At a certain point in one’s life, the desire to have children become very large. But for some people, get pregnant or contain a mission impossible. According to the Mayo Clinic, about 10 to 15 percent of couples in the United States are infertile. This might be due to various reasons, could be because of …

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Feb 01

When to Pregnant Women Should Avoid Intimate Relationship

Sexual intercourse is often cause for concern when undergoing pregnancy. Both the husband and the pregnant women sometimes feel uncomfortable having sex because the baby in the womb alarming. Actually, under the condition of normal pregnancy, sexual activity need not be restricted especially avoided. Precisely intercourse can increase the harmony of the couple’s relationship during …

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Jan 08

Here are 10 Type Female Libido

Libido women appeared to have a variety of types. An understanding of this type of libido to make a happier sex life. By knowing which type of libido in women, couples can more easily when foreplay and lovemaking. Here are 10 types of female libido as described Gabirelle Moore author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed …

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Jan 04

Here’s 8 Tips on How to Safely Wear Makeup While Pregnant

Pregnancy is not an obstacle for women to stay beautiful with cosmetics. Just make cosmetics safer choice. Here are a variety of cosmetic products and the extent of its safety for pregnant women to use. 1. Lipstick. Lipstick function helps to brighten the appearance so as not pale. Generally, the lipstick contained preservatives and dyes …

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Jan 01

Why Women Pain in Breast & Easy Angry When Menstruation

Why Women Pain in Breast & Easy Angry At PMS? Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS so things that haunt women every month. When experiencing mood tends to be chaotic. Do you often wonder why women feel the need to interfere with the actual PMS? Check out the answer here. PMS is a physical and emotional symptoms …

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