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Jun 06

List Of Foods To Increase Sexual Arousal

foodfor better sex

The desire to make love is influenced by many factors, one of which is the aroma and flavor of the food. “Each type of food has different nutrients that affect the stages of human sexual arousal,” says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a sexologist. That is why aromatherapy treatments touted as one of the alternative methods of …

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May 31

Effects of Too Long Watching Porn Video


If for just a variation when it should serve his wife, porn can be a reference. Just do not excessive and preoccupation watching porn, even to lose track of time and forget themselves. It’s nothing, various studies have shown the negative effects of watching porn craze, both the physical and mental condition of a porn …

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Oct 06

How To Control The Passion Sex Too High

sexual desire

Control the sex drive is too high and the passionate certainly not difficult for those who have chosen a spiritual path and have experienced eliminate earthly desires. But for many others, as difficult to control sexual arousal with hunger, especially if that passion can not be matched by a sexual partner, especially if you do …

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Oct 01

How to Treat Decreased Sexual Desire


At a young age, your passion or sexual desire is very high, erect penis is always instantaneous, spontaneous and hard wood. But now, your penis is more often like a sausage that lack content, limp and drooping behind your pants. You are confused, how could this happen? You are so pessimistic and frequency of your …

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