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Apr 14

Fruit Mask For Oily Facial Skin Problems


Oily skin face problem is a skin problem that is most easily found. Causes of oily facial skin of course related to the routine is done. In principle, the skin is indeed producing oils used to moisturize the skin in order to avoid dryness. However, if the oil production too much, it will have an …

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Dec 03

Just 2 Women’s Problems In Life?


In life, each person must have all their problems. However, there are some major problems that are often faced by women. “There are two major problems that become the biggest scourge in the lives of women, whether related to households and appearance.” 1. Household Conflict Conflict of households facing couples is a classic problem commonly …

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Nov 08

Danger and Bad Effects Shave Armpits


One part of the body that is often overlooked is the armpit. Maybe because you feel that the armpit is the part that is always closed and are rarely seen, so it does not need to be given special attention. “When in fact, the armpit is the most ‘tortured’ from other parts of the human …

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