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Dec 28

5 Spice Kitchen The Powerful Prevent Cancer


When you’re cooking, you certainly will never be separated from the use of herbs – herbs like turmeric, ginger, pepper, pepper and other seasonings. Materials – Such materials can indeed give a distinctive aroma and flavor to dishes. But you know, beyond its function as herbs, turns the material – material exists roommates has health …

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Jul 18

Lower Cholesterol With Tomatoes


Tomatoes have long been known as a complementary range of delicious dishes. Not only that, the fruit flavor enhancer often processed into pasta and pizza toppings also have important benefits for health. Recent studies prove, the intake of tomatoes that have been processed on a regular basis can cut cholesterol levels. Scientists say, tomato Cookbook …

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Jul 17

Coriander Oil Kill Bacteria Causes Stomach Pain


Coriander Oil To Kill Bacteria Causes Abdominal Pain. For those who have a hobby of cooking, cilantro of course are familiar. The spices used as a condiment for this dish turned out to be a drug, because it contains an antibiotic to kill harmful bacteria causes stomach pain. The coriander in Latin named Coriandrum sativum …

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Jul 16

The Benefits Of Garlic For Body

The Benefits Of Garlic

The Benefits Of Garlic, Address: Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Warts, Anti-bacterial. According to legend, adapted into the horror story of variety, garlic is capable of warding off vampires or Dracula. Maybe it is just fiction usefulness, but in fact the garlic does have many health benefits to humans. The plant commonly used materials in a variety …

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Jul 14

8 Herbs for Diabetes Treatment


Diabetes is a dangerous disease because it can cause complications in other organs, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and nerve damage. For better and healthy life, we need to take care of your body and try to keep blood sugar levels to avoid this disease. In addition to medical, since ancient times various natural …

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Apr 15

How To Relieve Throat Pain


We often feel the throat pain? Don’t underestimate the pain of it. As it turns out, a sore throat can be a symptom of many diseases. What are the causes? First aid and what can we do to save our throats? Many Reasons So far we only know if a sore throat that caused frequent …

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Apr 02

Bananas Could Prevent Stroke


Stroke is the threat of a terrible disease because the process can take place quickly. If not quickly helped could risk death, otherwise if it can still be saved will experience a disability. The new study found that eating three bananas a day can help you reduce the risk of stroke. Researchers from Britain and …

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Sep 01

Natural Remedies For Impotence


During this impotence erectile dysfunction more alias treated with the drug Viagra. In fact, the natural ingredients in your home can also help overcome impotence. What’s it? If you have not been able to achieve an erection for a few weeks, the erectile dysfunction may be the cause. Erectile dysfunction can be caused either due …

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Jul 22

Natural Remedies, Indirubin Potentially Heal Brain Tumor


INDIRUBIN, a type of herbal plants used in traditional medicine drug ingredients into a Chine potentially capable of fighting tumors and cancer. This plant comes from the indogo plant and used as active ingredients in the formula Dang Gui Long Hui Wan which is commonly used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia. Researchers from the Ohio …

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Jul 11

Ginger Efficacious and safe Drug For Migraines


Ginger Efficacious and safe Drug For migraines. For those who often stricken with migraines, no need rush taking medication if nobody wants to deal with the side effects. There is a safer way to take some, namely with ginger used as seasoning and Cook made drinks. A study conducted by the Headache Care Center in …

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