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Oct 07

Natural Beauty Skin Care Tips

In beauty, skin care is also important so that the skin always looks healthy and soft. Here is the skin care tips by using natural ingredients: 1. Cucumber Here’s how: Grate the cucumber with a medium-size, and add 10 drops of lemon water. Then apply the cucumber mixture to all parts of the body, allow …

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Oct 23

Fix Miss V Tense with Vibrator Therapy

Sara July, have many problems experienced by women who have already given birth. The mother of two children tells the story of Miss V (vagina) tense hers so difficulty controlling the bladder. “I often felt like pee. I always feel like I have to pee and then went to the bathroom and does not occur. …

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May 27

Yoga Exercise for pregnant women

By following yoga classes, here you will find out information on some poses you should avoid and not done during pregnancy. Along with the size of your pregnancy, you should avoid yoga poses with the position lying on the stomach, for example. This is not good and makes you uncomfortable, so if you still can …

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Nov 03

Removing Makeup With Natural Way

In order to look beautiful and engaging in activity, certainly the women always use makeup as a complementary beauty. Because with the help of this makeup your face can look whiter, brighter, and more beautiful. But before you go to bed, make sure you don’t forget to clean the remnants of the makeup of the …

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Sep 24

Keep The Ideal Weight While Pregnant

Almost all women who are pregnant have always experienced the added weight. So when a mass of pregnancy, the body so it looks fatter than before pregnancy. There are ways of weight loss remain ideal while pregnant? weight Despite the added weight while pregnant is it reasonable, but some pregnant women admitted to feeling uneasy. …

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Sep 07

In Order For The Process Of Breastfeeding Are Comfortable

For all mothers breastfeed her baby, ever feeding activity is an activity that is done Because It felt the inner bonding with the fruit of the heart strengthens. However, breastfeeding is not always easy in the beginning. Mother and baby alike need a consistent workout so that activity is Equally pleasant for both. Often a …

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Sep 06

Want To Quickly Get Pregnant? Avoid These 4 things

All married couples naturally want to quickly have a son as a complement of a household. But not all married couples can have children after marriage. There it took a few months recently pregnant and some are even up to years. For married couples, have not had a child after a few months or a …

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Sep 04

7 Pregnant Women Healthy Lifestyle

General warning for pregnant women is the dangers of alcohol, cigarettes and cheese that has not been through the process of pasteurization has serious consequences for growth and development potential of their baby. Pasteurization partial sterilization of food is through a process that destroys microorganisms harmful warming without major changes in the chemistry of food. …

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Jul 30

Chewed or Rubbed, this 9 Foods That Can Whiten Teeth

The food we eat, but can affect the health, also affect the beauty of our teeth. For those of you who want to get attractive smile with sparkling white teeth, try to eat some of the foods recommended by dr. Aarti Sharma, from Clove Dental following is quoted from the Health Me Up. 1. Strawberry …

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Jul 03

Baby Breastfeeding It turns out Can Make Mothers An orgasm?

An orgasm is usually in touch with sexual activity, but many women report feeling arousal while breastfeed the baby. Some women even reported experiencing orgasm during or after a feed. In a study conducted in nursing mothers, as many as 40.5 percent of participants reported never felt aroused several times during breast-feeding a baby. A …

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