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Oct 04

Yoga Too Relaxed To Called Sports


Yoga sport including a very popular by many circles. But seen from the intensity, yoga seems to have not been able to meet the needs of sports as recommended. A research on the Medicine Science in Sports & & Exercise recently analysed the intensity range of the movement in one of the branches of yoga, …

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Jan 25

Exercise While Watching Television


To stay healthy and fun watching the television, perform the following exercise. More and more television programs increasingly make people lazy exercise. Like opium, television makes people linger at home sitting or lay down in front of him.  But according to the results of the research, the University of Queensland, Australia, one hour every time …

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May 27

Yoga Exercise for pregnant women

pregnant clasess

By following yoga classes, here you will find out information on some poses you should avoid and not done during pregnancy. Along with the size of your pregnancy, you should avoid yoga poses with the position lying on the stomach, for example. This is not good and makes you uncomfortable, so if you still can …

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Jan 27

3 Types of Exercise Prevent Brittle Bones


Bones that support the body has a density of age. Exercise is one way to prevent bone loss is not easy. The average age of the bone density is optimal at 20 to 30. Through the ages, bone density will increasingly decline, which usually is called osteoporosis. In menopausal women, the decrease would happen more …

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Jun 22

Exercise After Vacation


If you had not been exercising for a long vacation, try starting it again by taking the following tips. Perform interval training. Run with high intensity for one minute each time after jogging 10 minutes. According to an American study, such an exercise will burn 36% more fat than ordinary exercise. Eating fiber-rich snack 2-3 …

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Jun 20

3 Movement Yoga for Relieve Your Stress


Yoga may have been carried out since 5000 last year. But if the benefits to the health of the body still continues to be extracted. Of all the benefits that come from yoga, the most dominant is the lowering of tension, stress, depression and blood pressure. “With the regular rhythm of breathing, yoga can calm …

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Jun 17

Benefits of Gymnastics Yoga For Pregnant Women


The pregnant woman has a lot of challenges in the face of either pregnancy or childbirth itself. Yoga for pregnant women as an alternative to help the mothers to become more relaxed and healthy both during pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga may provide benefits in terms of calming the mind that stress, maintain health, increase strength …

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Jun 15

Tips For Starting Yoga For Beginners Gymnastics


Many people who want to try to start a yoga exercise but hesitation. Their reasons vary; ranging from fear of being judged by other students when joining a yoga class, feeling too fat, too underpowered to less flexible. yoga exercises for beginners. This is probably because they got the wrong impression of the appearance of …

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Jun 13

Movement Yoga For Healthy Heart

healthy heart

Heart disease is a disease that does not only affect adults or the elderly, but also a teenager who was aged under 20 years. Heart, as a piece of meat that blood flow to all organs of the body has a vital role to one’s health. To maintain a healthy heart, usually someone doing regular …

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Jun 11

6 Tips To Yoga Exercises More Supple and Flexible

Each person must have longed to have a flexible body, especially if you are a practitioner of yoga. For that, you need hard work, is to do stretching exercises every day. In addition, you are also required to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating a healthy diet and adequate sleep. Although the routines should be …

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