Aug 10

These Various Benefits Of Fish Oil For Health

fishoilFish oil is considered as one of the super foods because they contain essential fatty acids omega-3 which has many benefits. Start of stabilizing blood pressure, prevent inflammation, helping muscle performance by increasing endurance.

But how much of the benefits of fish oil to maintain a healthy body? Really can usefulness ‘as bizarre as’ it? As quoted from ABC Australia, fish oil is widely used for treating various conditions of the body. The content of omega-3 high can reliably prevent heart disease, reduce fat levels in the blood, good for diabetes, relieve arthritis to help cure asthma.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained from many types of fish, fisheries. Among the species of fish, there are some who counted most of its high omega-3 such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna. Fish oil is also available in syrup and capsule form that usually can be obtained through a pharmacy or supermarket.

There are a number of scientific facts that prove that the omega-3 derived from fish oil have a positive impact on health. The Australian Heart Foundation recommends adults to consume at least 500 mg of omega-3 per day, as part of a healthy diet to prevent disruption of the blood vessels and the heart. That means, you are advised to eat two to three servings of oily fish a week, or taking fish oil capsules once a day.

Other studies show that fish oil supplements may help reduce the risk of death from heart attack. There is also a study that found that omega-3 in fish oil can also reduce the risk of stroke, but experts say it may still require further research.

And in a recent study, the possibility of fish oil can also prevent the onset of dementia or senility, also of cancer. Even so, the consumption of fish oil should not be excessive because it can cause new health problems.

There is evidence to show that the consumption of omega-3 too much, either from fish or supplements, increase the risk of prostate cancer. So consume reasonable amounts of fish oil as the official health agencies have recommended, and you will be spared from a variety of health problems ranging from mild to serious. There is also a good idea if you consult with a doctor before taking them.