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Tips And Foods To Increase Metabolism

iron foodIncrease your body metabolism means increase calorie burning in our body. If the body’s metabolism is good, then you will have more energy, fit, and a controlled weight. Metabolism is a term derived from the Greece, meaning a change or transformation. This is related to a wide range of processes that occur in the body that alter foods and other substances into energy or other metabolic products that are used by the body.

Metabolism is an important function that allows the body to use food and other resources to be able to work, repairing damage, healing, and cleaning up toxins from the body.

Metabolism helps digestion in absorbing nutrients. It is most influenced by nutrition, hydration and physical activity. Each item is an aspect which is important for optimal metabolic health. When one is nothing less, then lowers the metabolic rate. As a result of course will greatly affect the health of our body.
The following 11 Tips and ways to enhance the body’s metabolism, so our bodies become fit and have an ideal weight:

1. Eating enough

You also need to restrict calories to lose weight, but too low in calories can also harm your metabolism. At a time when the body is deficient in calories, then your body will metabolize and burn muscle tissue for energy. Therefore, we recommend that you eat enough and don’t go on a diet that is too tight.

2. Don’t forget breakfast

Breakfast will increase your body’s metabolism to stay fit throughout the day. Not surprisingly, people who not breakfast thus 4.5 times higher risk of being overweight. Breakfast healthy breakfast should, of course, low in fat and high in fiber. Breakfast oatmeal, yogurt or low-fat milk, if you never had time to make breakfast.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine is also found in tea and coffee in addition. Caffeine is a stimulant of the nervous system, so that it can increase metabolism by up to 5-8 percent. According to a study in Japan, a cup of green tea will increase the metabolism by 12 percent. The researchers also believe that the catechins in tea are also useful for speeding up metabolism.

4. Eating foods containing fiber

Research indicates that the fiber could help the body burn fat to 30 percent. The research also shows, people who eat a lot of fiber that is experiencing less overweight. Expand in fiber intake by eating foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, so the body is getting enough fiber is not less than 25 grams per day. Read also: list of foods that contain fiber.

5. Drinking cold water

Researchers in Germany found that drinking six glasses of cold water may increase the body’s metabolism by up to about 50 calories per day. Why is this so?, Because the body requires energy to heat water that is cold, to fit the body temperature.

6. Organic food

Research from Canada reported that the body was too much store toxins can cause difficulties losing weight. This may be due to toxins slows the process of burning energy in the body. Another study also found that pesticides can trigger weight gain. Therefore, stay away from accumulating toxins from food. If possible, consumption of fruits and vegetables that grow natural or organic/chemical free.

7. Protein intake

The body uses protein to maintain muscle health. Eat fat-free meat or fish can be an option for daily menu. Protein can help burn calories up to as much as 35 percent.

8. Foods that contain iron

Your body needs iron to form red blood cells responsible circulate oxygen needed muscle to burn fat. Add iron intake by eating fat-free meat, beans, and spinach.

9. Fill your vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed to maintain metabolism. Vitamin a can also be obtained from the Sun under the Sun can also be obtained by eating tuna, shrimp, tofu, and eggs.

10. Drink milk

There is evidence that a deficiency of calcium research could slow down the process of metabolism. This research reveals if consuming calcium from foods such as milk or low-fat yogurt, then can reduce absorption of fat from other foods.

11. Sports

Sports will spur the heart so that blood pumping faster, so that blood circulation becomes faster, automated will also speed up the metabolism of the body. Sport is a very good way to burn excess calories, so weight loss is easily controlled.

Foods to increase metabolism

To help speed up Your metabolism, then you can eat some healthy food here:

Apples. Research reveals that the apples are low in calories, but the existing fiber levels in Apple being able to lose weight. The same benefits other fruit is pear-shaped. Eat apples and pears, along with his skin, as the skin the most fiber. But remember, this fruit is clean to avoid toxic pesticides that are left behind.

Green vegetables. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach etc. are not only high in fiber, they are also rich in calcium. There are studies that find a relationship between calcium in weight loss.

Tofu or chicken without the fat. Don’t forget the protein in your diet. The second protein from food is quite help you to build muscle tissue.

Brown rice. Choose foods that are high in fiber, such as brown rice, oatmeal, and whole wheat bread. Eating these foods will keep you satiated more quickly, and can thus reduce the amount of food that goes into the body.

Drinking Water. Before you eat, drink a glass of water. In addition to the free water will keep dehydration, will also avoid snacking foods high in calories.

Green tea. Research shows that green tea can increase metabolism, as well as provides antioxidant that prevents premature aging.

Spicy food. Spicy food, chili or pepper functions are also useful to increase metabolism. This is because the pepper and chilies contain a chemical compound called capsaicin that can accelerate the process of metabolism.